C & K Designs' Star Referral Program

For a limited time, earn a point just for signing up (that's a $10.00 credit, right away).

Here's how the Star Referral Program works:

Refer a customer to us. 

If that customer spends $50 or more prior to tax, the referring client receives 1 point.  Purchases include print, graphics, embroidery, and artwork.

Each referral point earned is worth $10 Star Dollars good towards any order at C & K Designs, up to 9 points.

Earn the 10th point, and that point would be worth $60.00 Star Dollars, good toward any purchase at C & K Designs.

Purchases include any print, graphics, embroidery, and artwork.


9 points @ $10 Dollar Each        = $90 Star Dollars.

              10th and final point         = $60.00 Star Dollars

                                    Total         = $150.00 Star Dollars

After 10 points, the point cycle starts over, and no two cycles can be combined together.

Each point is valid for one year from the date of the referral’s qualifying purchase.  After one year, the point is dropped off and deducted from the referral account.

A point can be used any time following the accrual of that point, and prior to attaining 10 points, but every time a point is used, it comes off the balance.  The referring client must have a 9 point balance for the 10th point to be worth $60.00

Points used are good only for the amount they are redeemed for.  For example, if $150 is being redeemed and the total order including tax is $156.00, the referring customer is responsible to pay $6.00.

Each time a referral makes a qualifying purchase, the referring party will receive an email notification indicating the date the point was added to your Star Account and the date it will expire.

Points earned through the C & K Designs’ Star Referral Program, have no cash value outside of C & K Designs, and cannot be cashed out for cash.

Click Here to contact us and sign up or call 702-304-1956.

For a limited time, earn a point just for signing up (that's a $10.00 credit, right away).